The Lakes BEST Gas Dock

Our Gas Dock is a full-service refueling stop for your boat or personal watercraft.  We offer 87 Octane Regular and 91 Octane Premium Unleaded fuel at GREAT prices.  You can rest assured that your boat or PWC is getting the highest quality fuel WITHOUT ETHANOL.  Got a racing boat?  We offer racing fuel during the many races at the Lake of the Ozarks.  Contact us for more information on when we offer racing fuel. 

We have a new pump-out station available for our Dock Slip customers.  For our Preferred Gas Dock Customers, we offer a $20 Self Service fee and discounted fuel.  Call or email us to learn more about these features! 

We also offer a safe PWC fueling area.  Our dock attendants are hardworking, and they take great pride in taking care of you and your boat.  If we spill any fuel, you can rest assured we will clean it up.  Oh yeah, when you gas up at Pier 31 Marina we will give you a FREE popsicle and doggy treats if your pups are onboard.

Everything You Need for the Perfect Lake of the Ozarks Vacation


Our Gift Shop/Ship Store has what you need to keep you ON THE WATER!

We get it!  Sometimes you forget something when you hit the water, or you run out of food or drinks because you are having such a great time.  Our gift shop has all the things you would expect.  We have soft drinks, ice, beer, liquor, snacks and a great selection of clothing including swimsuits.  We also offer some other items such as jewelry, glasses, and other cool gifts.

Our Ship Store also has a good selection of items that may be needed for your boat.  If you need oil or other boat fluids, bumpers, ropes, or other boating accessories, you’ll find them at our ship store!

Whether you are Harbor Hopping, heading out to fish, water skiing or wakeboarding, or just a leisurely cruise on the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, stop on into our shop to get a refreshing drink or snack.  Our friendly staff will help you find whatever you are looking for!!